New Hampshire: By the Numbers

"The enemy are in front and the Potomac river is in their rear.  We must conquer this day, or we are disgraced and ruined.  I expect each one will do his duty like a soldier and a brave man.  Let no man leave the ranks on any pretense.  If I fall leave me until the battle is won.  Stand firm and fire low.  Shoulder arms!  Forward march!"
-Colonel Edward E. Cross, 5th NH Volunteers, Antietam 1862
Killed at Gettysburg 1863*
New Hampshire Organizations
836 officers; 31,650 enlisted men
Casulaties (Killed or Mortal Wound):
131 officers; 1,803 enlisted men
Died of Disease:
36 officers; 2371 enlisted men
Not Accounted For:
1619 men
United States Volunteers and Other State Enlistments
680 officers; 5,777 enlisted men
Medal Of Honor Recipients
Volunteer Origins of Birth Above 1,000 men
U.S.- 23,106
Ireland- 3,067
Canada- 1,945
England- 1,196
Unknown- 581
At Sea- 7

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* Qoute from:  Child, M.D., William. A History of the Fifth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers In the American Civil War 1861-1865. Bristol, NH. R.W. Musgrove, Printer. 1893.