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Bailey, Charles M. 15 Negro Barber: Exeter
Ball, James G. 29 Mulatto Barber: Portsmouth
Brown, Elijah 25 Negro: Portsmouth
Brown, George W. 18 Mulatto: New Hampshire
Brown, William J. 25 Negro Cook: Portsmouth
Butts, Charles 18 Negro Carter: Portsmouth
Clark, James M. 23 Negro Barber: Gofftown
Conovers, Enoch 19 Negro: Salmon Falls
George, William K. 19 Negro Blacksmith: Milford
Green, Charles F. 23 Black Joiner: Greenfield
Harris, John 20 Negro: New Hampshire
Haywood, Daniel 20 Negro Cook: Windsor
Jacobs, Charles 29 Negro Cook: Burlington
Jones, Alfred 20 Negro: Portsmouth
Lewe, Asa 31 Negro: Warren
Mainjoy, John E. 34 Negro Mariner: Exeter
Mainjoy, Noah E. 24 Negro Cook: Exeter
Martin, James 33 Negro Cook: Trenton
McCune, Amos 32 Black Farmer: Concord
Miller, Jason 21 Mulatto Joiner: Goffstown
Pease, Alonzo 18 Negro Farmer: Swansey
Sherry, William 24 Black Mariner: New Hampshire
Stallad, Enoch 38 Mulatto Painter/Printer/Waiter: Portsmouth
Stephenson, William 26 Mulatto: Portsmouth
Stilles, James H. 26 Negro Waiter: Newark
Wallace, Freeman 25 Mulatto: Exeter
Webb, William 42 Negro Cabinetmaker: Portsmouth
White, John 33 Black Mariner: Dover
Williams, Edward 30 Mulatto Cook & Steward: Portsmouth

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*All information contained on this page was found at the NPS