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Charles J. Anderson Battery B, US Army, from Manchester, NH.
Austin Bedell Private, enlisted Dec 19 1863, age 20; credited & claimed residence Jefferson, Coos; transfered 168 Co. 2nd Bttln Reg. RC discharged disabled Concord, NH June 6 1865.
John Blaisdell Carpenter in construction Corps about five months
George W. Cutler Corpl., enlisted Nov 26 186,1 E Co. 3rd Reg. RC, age 23; credited to Bedford, Hillsborough; claimed residence Goffstown, discharged disable Washington, DC Feb 2 1865.
John Adams Dix General, U.S. Army
John P. Dunbar Private, enlisted Sept 4 1862, age 18; claimed residence Hopkinton; transfered 26 Co. 2nd Battalion Reg. RC; transferred from Company 26 to Company G; discharge Washington, DC June 28 1865.
James E. Follansbee US Sharpshooters, enlisted July 2, 1862 , lived in Mont Vernon, NH.
John G. Foster General, U. S. Army
James Forsaith Grimes Colonel, U. S. Army, from Hillsborough, NH.
Micheal Kane US Mariners, from Manchester, NH.
Joseph H. Knownlton 1st Reg. US Army, from Manchester, NH.
Thaddeus S. C. Lowe Credited to Jefferson; he organized and directed a military balloon force during the Civil War
Dennis F. G. Lyons 1st Army Corps. from Manchester, NH.
James M. Matthews 1st Lt., Co. D., 2nd Regt. U.S. Sharp Shooters, Me. Vols.
William P. Mudge Private, enlisted Sept 20 1862, age 18; creditedand resided Bedford, Hillsborough;Transfered 6th Co. RC; disch at David's Island, NY Harbor on 31 August 1866; Last Reported Residence at Antrim, NH
Warren A. Peabody Private, Aug 7 1862, age 39; claimed residence Nashua; transfered Band Co. 9th, 1 Brgd, 2 Div Reg. RA; discharged disabled Neely's, Warren County, MS June 28 1863; last reported residence Nashua, NH.
James W. Price who lived on the Perry E. Kemp place, Sullivan, enlisted from New London, Conn., at Fort Trumbull, as a drummer in the 3d battalion of the 14th U. S. Infantry, on June 28, 1862; was discharged, Mar. 16, 1864; re-enlisted, Sept. 30, 1864, and served until discharged, Sept. 22, 1865. He was but a mere boy, only about twelve years of age, when he enlisted. He was physically well developed, and, by misrepresenting his age, passed muster and served over three years
Daniel G. Ripley Musician, enlisted Aug 11 1762, age 17; claimed residence Stewartstown; promoted Musician (3rd Class Musician); transfered Band Co. 24 Inf, 2 Bgd, 3 Div Reg. RA; mustered out June 21 1865; last reported residence West Stewartstown, NH
William H. Stricklandfirst enlisted 2nd U.S. Sharpshooters, Oct. 28, 1861; reenlisted March 22, 1864 in 5th N.H. Vols.
Francis L. Town Colonel, Surgeon U.S. Army.
James D. Town Private, Second Regiment Berdan's U.S. Sharpeshooters, died of disease, Dec. 20, 1861, at Washington, DC, Camp of Instruction, U.S.S.
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Liberty BillingsConcord
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Hiram F. GerrishConcord
Abraham JonesConcord
Frederick A. KendallConcord
William LotterConcord
Rufus I. MerrillConcord
James B. MooreConcord
Joseph ThompsonConcord
George Turner cedited to Mont Vernon; US Colored Troops, enlisted July 2, 1862.
James Wallace Credited to Mont Vernon; US Colored Troops, enlisted July 2, 1862.
George WinstonConcord

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