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Emery W. Alexander Private
Andrew Armstrong Private
Elihu B. Baker Private
George W. Ballou Private
Albert T. Barr Private
Leroy S. Batchelder Private
Andrew M. Bouker Private
Frank M. Boutelle First Sergeant
George B. Boutelle Private
William E. Boutelle Sergeant
Charles B. Bradley Private
Charles B. Bradly Private
James Buckminster Private
William Buckminster Corporal
James G. Burns Second Lieutenant
Benjamin R. Calef Private
George F. Calef Corporal
Benjamin R. Calif Private
George F. Califf Corporal
George H. Canfield Wagoner
John Carney Private
James R. Carr First Lieutenant
James O. Chandler Captain
Charles J. Chase Private
Elijah C. Chase Private
Stanford H. Chase Private
Aleck Cooper Private
John S. Corliss Private
Marcus M. Currier Private
Edward W. Dakin Private
Levi W. Dodge Private
William E. Dunbar Private
Frank L. Edmand Private
Frank L. Edmands Private
Frank L. Edmunds Private
Frank W. Faver Private
Frank W. Favour Private
George Gault Private
Charles George Private
Madison Gerry Musician
Henry T. Goodhue Private
Charles Goodwin Private
George A. Gordon Private
Daniel W. Gould Private
Charles P. Green Corporal
Heber C. Griffin Private
Rhodes Hanson Private
John C. Hardy Private
Edward A. Hausman Private
Charles B. Haynes Private
Moses E. Haynes Private
Ira L. Heath Private
Charles C. Hilton Sergeant
Newton Hollis Private
George J. Hunt Corporal
Peter Hunt Private
Charles P. Jones Private
George E. Kenson Private
James W. King Private
George E. Kinson Private
William O. Ladd Private
George A. Leighton Private
William H. Lord Private
Charles H. Marshall Private
John P. Miller Private
Alfred L. Mooar Private
Alfred L. Moor Private
Albert B. Morrison Private
Aldano Neal Sergeant
Henry C. Norris Private
Joel F. Osgood Jr. Private
Edward H. Patten Private
Charles Putnam Private
William A. Putney Private
Elisha W. Randall Private
George H. Ray Private
Frank H. Redfield Private
David H. C. Richardson Private
John E. Ricker Private
Madox Shappee Private
Charles A. Smith Private
Joseph Stanley Private
Joseph Stanly Private
Charles H. Stearns Private
Bryon G. Stokes Private
Orin N. B. Stokes Musician
George W. Swinburn Private
Edward M. Tillotson Sergeant
Edwin N. Tuttle Private
Nathaniel A. Tuttle Private
Alonzo F. Warren Private
Charles F. Whittemore Private
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