Capt. James Davidson's Comp.
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Wanton J. Austin Private
Wanton J. Austine
James C. Ayer Sergeant
Amos S. Bean Private
Orin W. Bickford Private
Edison Bond
Edson Bond Private
Asa Brown Private
Benjamin L. Center Fifer
Thomas M. Chisholm Sergeant
Rufus W. Clarck
Rufus W. Clark Private
George P. Cleaves Private
Wm. B. Curtis Private
James Davidson Captain
Andrew J. Davis Private
John F. Elwell Private
Owen Farnold Private
Owen Fernald
Wm. C. Flanders Private
Howard S. Frisbee Private
Alonzo Gibson Private
James B. Gove Lieutenant
Benjamin Gray Private
Frank B. Hackett Private
Thomas Hale Drummer
John B. Hoit Private
Asa T. Hutchinson Lieutenant
Jabez S. Jones Private
Charles H. Joy Private
Wm. W. Kidder Private
Sysander R. Mayo Private
Robert McDowell Private
Cyrus B. Norris Corporal
Everett Ober Private
Eugene E. Parsons
Moses N. Paul Private
Rodney Perham Corporal
Eugene E. Persons Private
Joseph E. Provencher Private
Francis W. Rand Private
Francis O. Reilly Private
Charles C. Roberts Private
Daniel B. Roberts Private
John W. Robinson Corporal
Joseph E. Rowell
Joseph S. Rowell Private
Henry O. Sargent Sergeant
Thomas B. Seaver Private
Enoch O. Shephard
Enoch O. Shepherd Private
Henry H. Simpson Private
Wm. L. Skillings Private
Daniel Spaulding Private
Anthony C. Stevens Private
Charles C. Stevens Private
Charles S. Stevens
Jonathan S. Stewart Private
Wm. B. Thompson Private
Charles S. Whitiney
Charles S. Whitney Private
Isaac Worster Private
Reuben Worster Private
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