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Ben Abanton Private
William P. Andrews Private
Joseph W. Austin Private
Patrick Baldwin Private
Joseph S. Bealand Private
James Brenen Private
Thomas Brown Private
William Brown Private
Charles Carpenter Private
Henry Clark Private
James Connor Private
John H. Day Private
Nahum D. Day
Ezekiel Day 2d Private
Fredrick Dodge Private
Hugh Doran Private
Moses Giddy
William Gilson Private
Charles Henshaw Private
William H. Howes Private
Hiram Ingerson Drafted Man
Henry B. Jewell
George F. Keys Private
Lorenzo D. Kidder
James Lawler Private
Stoner L. Lyman Private
James Mannion Private
Sylvester W. Marden Private
Manley Peasley Private
Charles Philips Private
Charles J. Pike Private
Hugh Riley Private
Arrin Simpson Private
Charles F. Smith Private
George H. Smith
John S. Stevens Private
John D. Talbert Private
John Van Hansen Private
John Van Hausen Private
William G. Walcott Private
David Walker Private
Walters Private
John White
John W. Wilson Private
John Write Private
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