New Hampshire
Gillmore Medal

On 28 Oct 1863, Major General Quincy A. Gillmore issued an order creating "medals of honor for gallantry and meritorious conduct during the operations before Charleston" and awarding them to enlisted men of his command who had been in action in the batteries and trenches.
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Third Regiment Infantry
Ackerman, Joseph -Captain, Co. FEnnes, John F. -Private, Co. F
Allen, George -Private, Co. AGorman, Cyrus -Private, Co. A
Brelsford, Samuel D. -Private, Co. AMacklin, Hugh -Corporal, Co. H
Brooks, John -Corporal, Co. HPaige, David H. -Corporal, Co. H
Burgess, Benjamin D. -Private, Co. GPerkins, David W. -First Sergeant, Co. D
Cassidy, James -Corporal, Co. KPettengill, Andrew J. -Sergeant, Co. E
Chase, James M. -First Sergeant, Co. BRandall, Charles D. -Private, Co. D
Connolly, Michael J. -Second Lieutenant, Co. CSilloway, Frederick -Private, Co. B
Davis, George H. -Sergeant, Co. ISmith, Charles D. -Corporal, Co. F
Dickey, James M. -Corporal, Co. EWhite, Almon B. -Corporal, Co. I
Fourth Regiment Infantry
Appleyard, Joseph -Private, Co. DPrescott, Harlan P. -Corporal, Co. I
Colomey, James R. -Private, Co. HRich, William -Corporal, Co. F
Connolly, Micheael -Private, Co. CRichardson, Carlton C. -Corporal, Co. E
Estey, John C. -First Sergeant, Co. KSmith, William E. -Sergeant, Co. D
Gardner, John -Private, Co. BStinehour, Nelso P. -Sergeant, Co. H
Hayes, Franklin -Sergeant, Co. AWentworth, Alvah -Sergeant, Co. A
Huntress, Lorenzo D. -First Lieutenant, Co. IWentworth, Stephen J. -Second Lieutenant, Co. K
Kane, Franklin -Private, Co. BWilding, George -Private, Co. I
Mokler, James -Private, Co. EWingate, Joseph -First Lieutenant, Co. K
Nolan, John -Private, Co. GWinn, Joseph L. -Private, Co. B
Seventh Regiment Infantry
Alden, Zenas P. -Corporal, Co CParker, George -Private, Co. D
Brown, Robert A. -Private, Co. EPerkins, Martin V.B. -Corporal, Co. F
Cahill, Michael -Private, Co. BPrice, Stephen H. -Corporal, Co. H
Corson, George F. -First Sergeant, Co. BRainey, George H. -Corporal, Co. K
Cummings, Brainard -Sergeant, Co. ARandall, Franklin H. -Sergeant, Co. G
Dudley, Alonzo G. -First Sergeant, Co. KSargent, Samuel P. -Sergeant, Co. F
Kimball, Henry -Private, Co. ESmith, John H. -Private, Co. I
Merrill, Otis A. -Sergeant, Co. HWeaver, George -Sergeant, Co. I
Miller, Robert -Sergeant, Co. CWells, Clinton P. -Private, Co. D

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