In Their Own Words...
"Whether we were to attack or to repel, whether the fight was to be in the woods on our right in the ravine, or in the hills in our front, or on the crest amid the hostile batteries, I knew not, and then, when was the fight to begin? How long would it last? Who would win? Was I to be killed, to be torn with a shell, or pierced with a bullet? What was death? How quickly should I be in the other world if I were killed? I am not aware that I once wished we should not fight. I know that to stay out or shrink from the battle in any way never entered my head; yet I can venture to say that while we waited in the twilight, time flew with slow wings, and the quicker I was in it and through it, alive or dead, the better I thought I would be. This contemplating for a long time the black-muzzled cannon, and conjuring up the hosts who are to blaze at you with death-dealing musketry, is not pleasant."
-Thomas Livermore of the 5th New Hampshiire
the night before the Battle of Antietam

The information below are links to letters and journals from the men who served New Hampshire during the American Civil War. From these papers, we learn about the war, the men, and their feelings to those they loved. These links can be used to read the letters or in order to find out where these collections are held. If you know of any other sites that contain New Hampshire letters, please e-mail me the site so I can update this page.
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Personal Collections; Letters/Diaries; Special Collections

Captain Charles Spofford Burnham * 3rd NH Infantry
Collection includes a picture of him, and several of his hand-written supply inventories, detailing weapons, clothing and supplies issued. Some include names and signitures of other men. A copy of a "Certificate of Records" dated December 9, 1905, issued by the Soldiers and Sailors Historical and Benevolent Society (No. 182308) which details unit movements and actions during the war. Owned by the Great Grandson James C Burnham
Cutler Edson and Eldad Rhodes * 5th New Hampshire
Letters and Diaries owned by Fred Goodwin; Nampa, ID;
Rev. Henry E. Parker * 2nd New Hampshire
Several Hundred Letters owned by L. Brown; Website can be found HERE! ;
Bixby, George S. * Private, 4th New Hampshire Infantry Co H
Personal narrative on Prison Life at the infamous Libby Prison Read Now
Brackett, Walter Greenleaf * Private, 15th New Hampshire Infantry Co. D
Epsom Civil War Soldiers WebsiteRead Now
Cross, Farrin Abijah * Corporal, 13th New Hampshire Infantry Co. H
Personal diary kept during 1864Read Now NEW
Flynn, James * Private, 7th New Hampshire Infantry Co. D
7th New Hampshire Infantry Read Now
Shedd, Calvin * Private, 7th New Hampshire Infantry Co. C
The University of Miami: March 1862 - Oct. 1863 Read Now
Dartmouth College Library: Prior to March 1862 Read Now
University of South Carolina
University of New Hampshire Special Collections
Adams, Enoch George -2nd NH Infantry Co. D -Click hereHill, David W. -16th NH Infantry -Click here
Badger, William -4th NH Infantry Co. D -Click hereJenks, John Henry -14th NH Infantry Co. C -Click here
Baker, James H. -2nd NH Infantry Co. F -Click here Jewitt, Charles E. -2nd NH Infantry -Click here
Bell, Louis -4th NH Infantry -Click hereJulian, George Naylor -13th NH Infantry -Click here
Gove, Alvin A. -6th NH Infantry -Click hereMason, William P. -12th NH Infantry Co. F -Click here
Green, William B. -Co. G, 2nd Regiment,
US Vol Sharpshooters-Click here
Moulton, Charles O. -2nd NH Infantry Co. I -Click here
Hanson, Howard M. -9th NH Infantry -Click herePatterson, Jaob N. -2nd NH Infantry Co. H -Click here
Wilkinson, Samuel -4th NH Infantry Co. F -Click here

Schoff Civil War Collections
Collection found at the University of Michigan
Brown, Francis C. -1st NH Heavy Art.; 26 letters -Click here
Corliss, John S. -7th NH Infantry; 17 letters -Click here
Simonds, Lewis -9th NH Infantry; Journal 90 pp. -Click here
Michigan Historical Collections
Collection found at the Bentley Historical Library
Davis, Ferdinand -7th NH Infantry Co.C -Click hereNess, Nina L. -Multi Soldier Collection-Click here
Davis, Raymond Cazallis -7&8th NH Infantry -Click hereDunn, Ransom -Multi Soldier Collection-Click here

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