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Alexis Barker from Hudson, NH, in a MA unit unknown at this time.
James Brason who lived on the old Asa Ellis place, Sullivan, was in the 21st, the 36th, and the 56th Mass. Regs., serving four years.
Albert Beghee 13th MA. Inf., from Hancock, NH, enlisted September 17, 1861, served nearly four years, wounded twice, in 19 engagements.
James H. Beghee Credited to Hancock; enlisted in an Indiana regiment, he was killed at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863.
Charles H. Berry son of John C. and Sarah A. (Bean) Berry, born in Pittsfield, and had always lived in town until the war broke out, when he entered the Fortieth Massachusetts infantry.
Calvin Berry son of John C. and Sarah A. (Bean) Berry, born in Pittsfield, and had always lived in town until the war broke out, when he entered the Fortieth Massachusetts infantry.
Benjamin Franklin Blaisdell Son of Joseph and Eliza M. of East Rochester, where he was born Dec. 5, 1845. Worked in dye room of the Cocheco Woolen Co. Determined to serve his country in the war he first tried to enlist at Rochester, but being a minor his father refused his consent. He next tried Concord but was rejected on account of slight deafness. Persisting in his design he went to Boston and was mustered as a private in Co. G, 19th Mass. Reg’t, March, 1864. May 12 he was in the battle of Spottsylvania. In a skirmish a day or two after the battle he was wounded in neck and shoulder by a musket ball. He returned home where he died from the effects of the wound Nov. 16, 1864
Edwin F. Blanchard Corporal in the 4th Mass. Heavy Artillery, Company H, born New Ipswich, NH, enlised Aug 26, 1864, Wounded, served at Fort Harrison, VA, Sept 19, 1864.
James Emory Bloutelle MA. Cavalry, 2nd Compnany in 1862, severly wounded at Fredericksburg.
Charles L. Bolton 17th MA. Inf. Company H, born Paisley, Scotland, lived in New Ipswich, NH, enlisted July 2, 1861 age 23.
Henry Boyd 13th NY Artillery, from Manchester, NH.
Patrick Bradley from Hudson, NH, in a MA unit unknown at this time.
EDWARD S. Bryant who lived on the Winchester farm, Sullivan, and who died there, Aug. 23, 1889, was in some regiment out of the state.
Horace Bowers 23rd MA. Inf. Company H, lived in Hancock, NH.
Nahum Burpee ILL. Regt. died in service Oct. 31, 1861, aged 24 years 8 months. His body was brought home and buried at Sutton.
William H. Chapin who lives on the I. N. Wardwell place, Sullivan, was four years and three months in Co. A, 3rd Vermont Reg., holding the rank of sergeant.
Carlos W. Colby born Merrimack, NH, enlisted Company G, 97th Illinois Infantry, received Medal of Honor for "Gallantry in the charge of the volunteer storming party" at Vicksburg, 22 May 1863.
Henry Alonzo ComstockHe was promoted to Corporal in Company I, 2nd Regiment of Vermont Volunteer Infantry on February 15, 1865. (Bessie Comstock) He enlisted on May 7, 1861 and mustered in on June 20, 1861. Peck's "Revised Roster of Vermont Volunteers" has him wounded on June 8 at the battle of Cold Harbor. Henry mustered out on July 15, 1865. He is listed on the rolls of Andover, VT extracted from Windsor County Soldiers 1861 - 1865 from Aldrich's History of Windsor County. Henry is listed as a volunteer for three years credited prior to the call of October 17, 1863, and he is listed as a volunteer who re-enlisted. He attended the "First Veteran's Reunion" in Ludlow, VT, September 3, 1886, of Co. "I", 2nd Reg't VT. Vols. his name listed in the newspaper article. (Vermont Tribune Newspaper) His picture is in the military archives, US Army Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks, Bldg. 22, in Carlisle, PA 17013-5008 (picture #RG98S - CWP85.23) He is seated in the picture in a front view in a frock coat with a 6th corps badge pinned to it. Information on his Civil War Pension Record listing his wife as Louisa M. Comstock, and his unit as being "I, 2 Vt. Inf.". His application was filed June 13, 1888 and his application number was 635553, and his certificate number was 432109 from the state of VT. Louisa filed for pension benefits as a widow on what looks like Sept 10, 1892 (date unclear on form), her application number was 559230, and her certificate number was 390913, she filed from NH. His military records can be found in the National Archives, Roll-Box 000557, Roll-Exct. 0003, Roll-Rec: 00002472. He served in the Union Army, 6th Corps, 2nd Vermont Infantry, Company I, he served as a Private and mustered out as a Corporal; Source: William Phipps
James F. Dameof Strafford County, NH, enlisted 11 Aug 1862 into H Co. 22nd Inf Reg. Wisconsin, was Mustered out in Washington, D.C. on 12 June 1865.
Henry H. Dane from Hudson, NH, in a MA unit unknown at this time.
James O. Dane from Hudson, NH, in a MA unit unknown at this time.
Edward E. Davis 1st Minn. Inf., Company F, lived in New Ipswich, NH, enlisted July 1863, died at Fortress Monroe of wounds neglected while in prison.
Lydsnder Jonathan Davis son of Lewis, and born Sullivan, was in Co. K, 11th Vermont Reg. He lived Winchendon, Mass. after the war.
Dalphon Gibbs Dort son of Willard, born Sullivan, was in the war, probably in an Iowa regiment. See brother Oscar's remarks.
Oscar Lyman Dort son of Willard, brother of the preceding, and born Sullivan, was in the war, probably in an Iowa regiment. Their sister, Mrs. Howard, writes: "Both of the boys enlisted and served their country well, during the late war, both receiving wounds that will cause them life-long suffering." They were living by last accounts, in the West
John Eaton Gen., 27th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Lucien Bonaparte Eaton 65th Ohio Vol Infantry.
George F. Edwards 3rd Mass. Cav., Company M, born New Ipswich, NH, enlisted Nov. 18, 1861 aged 18, discharged disabled June 1862.
Archibald C. Fowler 47th Mass. Inf. Company F, enlisted Sept. 29, 1862 age 19, lived Mont Vernon, NH.
John H. Fowler 47th Mass. Inf., Company F, enlisted Sept. 29, 1862 age 41, lived New Ipswich, NH.
Aaron B. Frost 12th MA. Regiment, from Hudson, NH.
Carlton P. Frost Surg., son of Benjamin, born Sullivan; Dartmouth College, 1852; A. M., same college, 1855; Dartmouth Medical School, 1857; LL. D., same college, 1892; also Dean of the Dartmouth Medical School; was surgeon of the 15th Vermont Reg. in the war, later a surgeon of the Board of Enrolment; died at Hanover, N. H., May 24, 1896.
Edwin B. Frost son of Benjamin, born Sullivan, a brother of Carlton, and also a physician, was in some Vermont regiment, and lost his life at the battle of Cold Harbor.
Jamison Greeley 14th MA. Regiment, Company M, from Hudson NH.
Jesse Augustus Gove Colonel, 22nd Massachusetts Volunteers
Henry Harris from Hudson, NH, in a ME unit unknown at this time.
Myron W. Harris from Hudson, NH, in a ME unit unknown at this time.
William W. Hayward 13th ME Vol. Chaplain, enlisted Sept 26, 1864, mustered out Jan 6, 1865, was offer a commission as chaplin of 2nd ME Cavalry in March 1865, but declined,from Hancock, NH.
William H. Hildreth Credited to Ashby, MA.; 4th Mass Heavy Artillery Company H, born New Ipswich, NH, mustered out June 17, 1865.
Joseph D. Horn Co. I, 26th Mass. Regiment
Horace W. Howard Corporal enlisted, Jan. 8, 1862, in the 8th Vermont Reg., Co. H, as a private; promoted to corporal, re-enlisted, served nearly four years, discharged, July 10, 1865. Resided Gilsum after the war.
George P. Kilburn enlisted in the 8th VT Infantry Co. G.
George S. Kingsbury son of Seth of Roxbury, lived several years in Sullivan on the old Jeremiah Mason farm. He was a soldier in Co. E, 16th Vermont Reg. He died, Mar. 25, 1893, at the house of his brother Elbridge in Roxbury.
Samuel W. Lee Credit to Chicago, IL.; 6th Ill. Cavarly Company F, born New Ipswich, NH, enlisted Aug. 1863 age 16.
William Livingstone 36th MA. Regiment, from Hudson, NH.
Warren P. Locke 32nd Mass. Inf. Company B, enlisted Nov. 7, 1861 age 22, killed at Bethesda Church, VA June 3, 1864, lived in New Ipswich.
Joseph V. Mason son of Sylvester, born Sullivan, enlisted as a private in Co. G, 53rd Mass. Reg.; discharged on account of ill health, Sept. 2, 1863, and died, Oct. 11, 1863, at So. Gardner, Mass., a little more than a month after his discharge
Henry F. Maxwell Credited to Woburn, MA.; 11th Mass. Vol., Co. B, born New Ipswich, NH, enlisted Sept. 10, 1864 age 20, mustered June 4, 1865.
Michael McDonald 1st Lieut., 3rd Mass. Cav., Company M, born Lowell, MA., enlisted Nov. 21, 1861 age 20, discharged June 6, 1865, lived New Ipswich, NH.
George McQuestion from Hudson, NH, in a MA unit unknown at this time.
Roswell L. Nash(called himself "George" Nash after the war), son of Charles, who lived in Sullivan, served three years in the 28th N. Y. Reg.; was severely wounded; captured and kept several months in Libby Prison, at Richmond, Va. One day, when swimming with other prisoners in the river, he tried to swim away and escape. He was shot by a guard, but not fatally. He returned to his home and still lives, in feeble health, at the home for soldiers in Canton, Ohio.
Ormond F. Nims Brevet Col.; of Sullivan; son of Philander, a brother of Dauphin W. and Frederick B., was connected for six years, as lieutenant, captain and major of the old Boston Light Artillery. In the Civil War, he served three years and five months as the captain of the famous "Nims's Battery," and, "for gallant and meritorious services during the war," he received the three brevet ranks of major, lieutenant colonel, and colonel. He attained the most distinguished rank of any native of the town during the Civil War. His battery has an honorable place in the history of that great conflict. Resided Boston.
Allen A. Nutting 2nd Mass. Inf., Company D, born New Ipswich, NH, enlisted May 25, 1861, aged 18, appointed Sergeant, killed June 9, 1863, lived New Ipswich, NH.
Elias A. Phelps Co. C, 19th Mass. Regt.
George F. Potter 16th Mass. Inf., Company H, born New Ipswich, NH, enlisted July 14, 1863 age 26, wounded June 18, 1864.
James Powers Captain, of North Stratford, NH., served in 3rd Vernomt Infantry, Company A.
Gardner H. Rugg son of Harrison, born Sullivan, was a member of the 38th Reg. of Ill. Vols., in the war. He survived the conflict, but contracted diseases which resulted in his death, at Carbondale, Ill., Apr. 21, 1866.
Edward A. Saunders 3rd Mass. Cavalry, Company M, enlisted Nov. 12, 1861 age 18, discharged disable June 16, 1862, lived New Ipswich, NH
Joseph Seavey b. 26 June 1826, Stafford Co.,NH enlisted in Washington, Green Co., Wisconsin 9 Oct 1862, At Fort Halleck, Columbus, KY, 28 July 1863 he req. a furlough to return home to Monroe, Wisconsin, for 30 days sick leave. His widow's pension states he died 3 Nov 1908. He is buried in Ashland, NE (Saunders Co.)
Almon S. Senter enlisted in the MA Regiment for nine months, afterwards in MA. Heavy artillery, and served thought out the war, from Hudson, NH.
Orland K. Spaulding although a Sullivan boy, was in the West, at the time of the war, and enlisted in the 111th Iowa Reg., as a private. He died of disease at a hospital at Cypress Hill, Long Island, near the city of New York, Mar. 12, 1865, leaving a widow and one daughter. His body was brought to Sullivan and buried in the old cemetery at the Corner, in lot VIII. 3.
Rev. George W. Stinson who was the acting pastor of the 1st Cong. Ch., 1859 to 1861, and lived in the old parsonage, was in the Christian Commission, in the last part of the war. He died at Maysville, Mo., Dec. 17, 1865.
Charles H. Stratton 25th Mass Inf., Company F, born New Ipswich, NH, enlisted Aug, 1861 age 15, lost leg at Roanoke Island, but served though the war in the Veterns Reserve Corps, lived New Ipswich, NH
James S. Stratton 21st Mass. Inf. Company G, born New Ipswich, NH, enlisted June, 1861 age 19, killed at Anietam Sept.17, 1862, lived New Ipswich, NH
Charles L. Symonds 104th IL. Company I, from Hancock, NH, died in service.
Edward A. Thayer Captain, 3rd Mass. Cavalry, Company M, born New Ipswich, NH, enlisted Nov. 12, 1861 age 18, Captian Co. H, 1st Lousiana Cavalry, resigned Dec. 14, 1863, lived New Ipswich, NH
John L. Thompson Brigadier General, April 19, 1861 enlisted as a private in Company A of the First Illinois Light Artillery
John K. Walker 15th Mass. Inf. Company B, born New Ipswich, NH, enlisted July 12, 1861 age 25, killed Oct 21, 1861, lived New Ipswich, NH.
Samuel M. Walker 16th MA. Regiment, Company C, from Hudson, NH.
Harlan P. Wardwell whose father, Rev. Ezra Wardwell, lived a time in Sullivan, was in the 1st Mass. Cavalry. He died at Weare, Mar. 19, 1897.
William L. Weston 3rd Mass Cavalry, Company M, enlisted Nov. 12, 1861, dicharged disabled June 1862, lived New Ipswich, NH.
Frank Weston 11th Mass. Inf. Company E, born Nashua, NH, enlisted April 23, 1861 captured at Malvern Hill July 1862, in Libby prison, paroled Aug. 7, 1862, discharged June 24, 1864 lived New Ipswich, NH.
John C. Wilkins 13th MA Battery, from Hancock, NH.
George E. Woodbury First DC Volunteers, assisant surgeon, lived Bedford, NH.
William H. Woodbury who lived in Sullivan on the old Nahum Nims farm, but now lives in Keene, on the James Wright place, on Beech Hill, was in Co. I, 1st Vermont Cavalry.
Charles A. Wood 1st WI. Inf. Company H, enlisted April, 1861, orderly-sergeant, electec captain Aug 1, 1861, made lieutenant-colonel 11th WI. Inf. Nov 12, 1861, resigned on surgeon's certificate June 28, 1863, from Hancock, NH.

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