New Hampshire Heritage

1861 ~ 1865
Pictures of New Hampshire Soldiers

The following is a list of New Hampshire soldiers that I have acquired photographs of. These photographs have been acquired from other sites around the internet and references are made with each picture. If you would like to add a picture or know of sites on the internet, please send me an e-mail with the information.
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Photos listed by first unit enlisted into
Flags of New Hampshire
1st NH Vols
Joseph M Clough
2nd NH Vols
Enoch G Adams
David Colburn
Edmund Dascomb
James M House
Joseph A Hubbard
Gilman Marston
Charles W Patch
Joab N Patterson
John P Stone
3rd NH Vols
Jonathan D Leavitt
4th NH Vols
Louis Bell
5th NH Vols
John W Bucknam
William W Cook
Edward E Cross
Richard E Cross
John Murray
Edward E Sturtevant
6th NH Vols
John S Dore
Simon G Griffin
James W Marden
7th NH Vols
Joseph C Abbott
William Brown
James M Chase
Ferdinand Davis
Jerome B House
Granville P Mason
Haldimand S Putnam
Samuel Williams
8th NH Vols
9th NH Vols
Elmer Bragg
Charles F Day
Newell T Dutton
Carlos C George
Howard M Hanson
10th NH Vols
11th NH Vols
Jefferson A Edmunds
Charles W Leighton
Arthur C Locke
Alvin B Williams
12th NH Vols
Samuel P Carbee
Hadley B Fowler
Thomas E Hunt
Alonzo W Jewett
William P Mason
Joseph Potter
13th NH Vols
George N Julian
14th NH Vols
Frank T Barker
Tileston A Barker
Henry E Barrett
Ira Berry Jr
George F Blanchard
William E Bunten
Solon A Carter
William H Chaffin
Nathaniel L Chandler
William Cobleigh
Artemus B Colburn
Samuel A Duncan
Stark Fellows
William A Fosgate
Charles E Foster
George N French
Alexander Gardiner
Patrick Heffron
Edward B Howard
14th Con't
John JG Johnson
Oliver H Marston
David A Macurdy
Stephen Phelps
Theodore A Ripley
Elihu T Rowe
Albert H Sawyer
John P Sherburne
George H Stone
John W Sturtevant
William H Thayer
Charles F Webster
Moulton S Webster
Robert Wilson
Carroll D Wright
L. Warren Wright
More Coming!
15th NH Vols
John C Brown
Samuel Johnson
Josiah Philbrick
George H Rand
16th NH Vols
Albert Payne Discharge Papers
17th NH Vols
18th NH Vols
Lorenzo Dow Bean
Jeremy H Nute
Artillery Vols
Charles Bean
Jared Blood
Edward Dodge
George C Houghton
Cavalry Vols
Jacob Sleeper
John L Thompson
Edgar H Wood
Hiram Berdan
George A Langley
NH Band Member
NH Soldier
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All pictures have been referenced to their appropriate owner.