New Hampshire
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Field & Staff
John A. Cummings Major
Frederick Eldridge Assistant Surgeon
Benjamin T. Hutchins Lieutenant Colonel
George Walton Peirce Assistant Surgeon
George Walton Pierce Assistant Surgeon
George W. Towle First Lieutenant/Quartermaster
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George B. Anderson Private
George F. Anderson Private
George Bates Private
Nathaniel E. Beece Private
Nathaniel E. Beeres Private
Nathaniel E. Beers Private
Franklin W. Belcher Private
Cyrus A. Bunker Private
Mark Carr Private
Hamilton P. Chase Private
Byron O. Cheeney Private
Byron O. Cheeny Private
Byron O. Cheney Private
Ezra D. Clark Private
Ezra D. Clarke Private
William G. Cochran Private
William G. Cochrane Private
John W. Combs Private
David A. Conan Private
David A. Conner Private
David A. Connor Private
John M. Corns Private
Thomas Coy Private
Rockwell N. Dana Private
Augustus Doane Private
Augustus Door Private
Augustus Dore Private
Augustus Dores Private
Horace Dow Private
Frank W. Elliott Private
Charles Eustace Private
Charles Eustice Private
James Fairfield Private
Henry Field Private
Chas. H. Flagg Private
George Fleming Private
George Flemming Private
John Fleury Private
John Florey Private
George L. Floyd Private
John Flurry Private
Courtland Folansbee Private
Wm. H. Foley Private
Courtland Follansbee Private
Wm. H. Folley Private
Courtland A. Follinsbee Private
Charles H. Folsom Private
George H. Folsom Private
Orison H. Gardner Trumpeter
Story H. Gates Private
Philip Goodrich Private
William T. Grant Private
Leonard Hadley Private
Thomas Halbrook Private
Charles H. Ham Private
Thomas Holbrook Private
Aramel A. Howard
Oranel Howard Private
Levi F. Hoyt Private
Charles G. Jenness Private
Charles G. Jenniss Private
Joseph Joeslyn Private
George W. Johnson Private
Joseph Joslin Private
Joseph Josulyn Private
James C. Kenedy Private
James C. Kennady Private
James C. Kennedy Private
William H. King Private
Isaac H. Kingsbury Private
Thomas J. Lahiff Private
John Lamoritte Private
John Lananette Private
John Lanonette Private
John Lanorette Private
Thomas E. Latham Private
George W. Lovejoy Private
Enoch P. Marsh Private
Sullivan Marsten Private
Sullivan Marstin Private
Rufus L. Martin Private
John McComb Private
James M. Meserve Private
Amos S. Metcalf Private
Joseph W. Morrill Private
Barnard Mulligan Private
Frank Nash Private
John M. Nuete Private
John M. Nute Private
John N. Nute Private
John N. Nuto Private
Rufus H. Orcutt Private
James M. Otis Private
Frank Parant Private
David W. Parks Private
Frank Parrant Private
Frank Parrent Private
Thomas E. Peabody Private
John T. Phillips Private
John T. Phillips Private
Charles F. Pickering Private
Charles E. Pike Private
Martin B. Plummer Private
William H. Prichard Private
William H. Pritchard Private
John B. Roberts Private
John D. Roberts Private
Eleazer Rothwell Private
Elliott Russell Private
Benjamin Saunders Private
Charles H. Smart Private
Oliver P. Smith Private
Warren Smith Private
Edward C. St. Clair Private
Henry E. Swain Private
Jackson Taggart Private
Jackson Taggatt Private
Jackson Taggett Private
Jackson Taggott Private
George W. Taylor Private
Charles E. Tebbett Private
Charles E. Tebbetts Private
Kendall H. Thomas Private
Charles E. Tibbett Private
Charles E. Tibbetts Private
Charles E. Tibbitts Private
William L. Tinker Private
William O. Upton Private
Joseph Vigar Private
Joseph Viger Private
Joseph Vizar Private
Chandler A. Wilber
Chandler A. Wilbur Private
John Williams Private
Lewis C. Withee Private
Edgar Wolfe
Lewis Young Private
John P. Farmer Private
Patrick Conway Private
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Frank S. Allen Private
Lewis Barram Private
Lewis Barran Private
Lewis Barron Private
Clement W. Bates Private
William H. Bates Private
Aaron C. Bemis Private
Hiram Bennett Private
Charles Bradley Private
Charles Bradly Private
Alston BrownPrivate, born Dec 12,1847 in Wilmot, NH; enlisted March 29, 1864 listed as being 18 when he enlisted, but actually he was only 16; June 23,1864 he was wounded at Nottaway Courthouse and captured at Ream Station Va. on Jun 29, 1864 during the Wilson-Kautz Raid, Jun 22-30,1864. He was released Aug 13,1864 and discharged July 15, 1865. He lost an eye and an arm from his wounds. He died April 20, 1937 and is buried in a little cemetary outside of Wilmot in a little town of Elkins; Source: Reggie Shepard
Ashton Brown Private
Caldwell Private
Benjamin F. Callender Private
George W. Carleton Private
George H. Carlton Private
Frank J. Carrison Private
Gilbert G. Charles Private
Gilbert G. Chase Private
Joseph W. Chase Private
Stillman Clark Private
George E. Clough Private
Frank Corrison Private
Joseph H. Currier Private
Lucius Davis Private
Dana D. Dodge Private
James L. Downing Private
Justice C. Drake Private
Charles Draper Private
William A. Drinker Private
William H. Drinker Private
Daniel Dudley Private
Nelson G. Eastman Private
Harley Eyclesheimer Private
Harley Eycleshymer Private
Peter Farla Private
Peter Farley Private
Henry Farquer Private
John G. Fiefield Private
Reusuleer J. Fiefield Private
John G. Fifield Private
Reusaleer J. Fifield Private
Henry Forger Private
Peter Gardner Private
Edward Garrighty Private
Solomon A. Gee Private
Frank I. Greeley Private
Frank I. Greely Private
Frank S. Greely Private
George A. Guild Private
Edgar J. Hadley Private
Edgar S. Hadley Private
Edgar T. Hadley Private
Albert H. Hale Private
Herbert H. Hale Private
Benjamin Hall Private
Herbert H. Hall Private
Albert Harris Private
Cyrus Harris Private
Samuel Harvey Private
Nelson E. Haskell Private
Thomas Hennacy
Thomas Hennessy
Henry O. Hill Private
John Hogan Private
Levi H. Hogt
Ferdinand S. Hovey Private
Wm. H. Huntoon
Wm. W. Huntoon Private
Allen K. Hurd
Auguvince H. Hussey Private
Anjuuvine H. Hussy
Cornelius Jannotte Private
Coneilus Jennott Private
Cornelius Jennotte Private
George Langdon Private
Alfred A. Langmaid Private
Edward Liddell Private
Henry O. Lund Private
John Mangan Private
John Mangin Private
Jeremiah Manning Private
Charles H. Marden Private
Charles H. Mardin Private
Charles H. Mardon Private
Benjamin F. Marsh Private
John McCunn Private
Albert J. McGiliery Private
Albert T. McGilvory Private
Albert T. McGilvrey Private
Michael McGivern Private
Michael McGivin Private
Jaames McGreggor Private
James McGregor Private
Michael McGuan Private
John B. McIntyre Private
George A. McKeene Private
John C. Moody Private
John Murphy Private
John Nichols Private
George H. Page Private
Lewis Porter Private
James P. Quaint Private
James P. Quint Private
Edward Siddell Private
Enoch Simmonds Private
Joseph Simmonds Private
Enoch Simonds Private
Joseph Simonds Private
Merril Simonds Private
Walter H. Sleeper Private
Aquella E. Small Private
Alvah Smith Private
Charles W. Taylor Private
Leroy A. Thair Private
Leroy A. Thayer Private
Leroy H. Thayer Private
Albert Thompson Private
Ambrose F. Upton Private
Ambrose H. Upton Private
Frank Valley Private
William Wallace Private
William Wallis Private
Henry A. Walsh Private
John Webber Private
John Weber
Benjamin F. Whitcomb Private
Moore E. White Private
George E. Whitman Private
Samuel Whittier Private
George F. Wilber Private
George F. Wilbur
Jacob Williams Private
James Wilson Private
David P. Wood Private
Edgar H. Wood Private
Arthur C. Woodard
David P. Woods
Arthur C. Woodward Private
Charles York Private
George Young Private
John Steel Second Lieutenant
John Steele Second Lieutenant
Jeremiah G. Leavett Private
Jeremiah G. Leavitt Private
Jeremiah L. Leavitt Private
Jeremiah G. Levett Private
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James Abbott Private
Thomas Allen Private
William Armstroun Private
James Arnold Private
Josiah R. Bachelder Private
Josiah R. Bacheler Private
Josiah R. Bachelor
George Bailey Private
Paul Banard Private
Josiah R. Batchelder Private
Josiah R. Batcheldor Private
Josiah R. Batcheldor Private
Josiah R. Batchelor Private
Paul Bemard Private
Paul Benard Private
James Benton Private
William T. Bicethrow Private
Charles M. Billings Private
William T. Bithrow Private
Albert H. Boles Private
Samuel Boles Private
Albert H. Bolles Private
Samuel M. Bolles Private
Albert H. Bolls Private
Samuel M. Bolls Private
Albert H. Bowels Private
Samuel M. Bowels Private
Hlbert H. Bowles Private
Samuel M. Bowles Private
Albert H. Bowls Private
Samuel M. Bowls Private
William G. Brathrow Private
William T. Brithrow Private
Charles A. Brown Private
David E. Brown Private
John M. Brown Private
Nathaniel A. Bryant Private
Sydney R. Bunker Private
Malcolm A. Cameron Private
John Canney Private
Peter Carpenter Private
Lewis Cartors Private
Alonzo J. Cheeney Private
Carlos S. Cheeney Private
Charles S. Cheney Private
Carlos S. Cheny Private
Challas S. Choney Private
Louis Cointoil Private
Louis Courtois Private
Lewis Curtoice Private
Louis Curtois Private
Frederick Davis Private
William Delaney Private
William Delany Private
John Dicy Private
Frederic Donaldson Private
Frederick Donelson Private
Anthony Dufon Private
Anthony Dufore Private
Anthony Dufous Private
Alphonso N. Dunbar Private
John Durgen Private
James H. Eaton Private
Charles M. Farr Private
John Farrell Private
Jesine B. Favor Private
Josiah R. Favor Private
Jesine B. Favour Private
Leroy D. Forehand Private
John C. Gardiner Private
John C. Gardner Private
Michael Garey Private
Michael Geary Private
Edward P. Giddings Private
Edwin P. Giddins Private
Charles Gillis Private
William P. Gillman Private
William P. Gilman Private
Edward Girraghty Private
Albert P. Glidden Private
James H. Goodrich Private
Aaron Goodwin Private
Henry Goodwin Private
William H. Griffin Private
George Hain Private
George Hane Private
George Hange Private
Albert Harney
Joseph Hawkins Private
Joseph W. Hawkins
Hiram S. Hellum
Albert Horney Private
George M. Howard
George N. Howard Private
Robert Huckins Private
Wm. A. Huntress Private
Wm. H. Huntress
Samuel H. Hutchins
Samuel W. Hutchins Private
Cornelius D. Kalaham Private
Cornelius D. Kalahar Private
Cornelius D. Kalaher Private
Cornelius D. Kelehar Private
Cornelius D. Kelhar Private
Hiram G. Kellam Private
Hiram S. Kellam Private
Cornelius D. Kellehar Private
Cornelius D. Kellehar Private
Cornelius D. Kelleher Private
Cornelius D. Kellehur Private
Hiram S. Kellum Private
Royal H. Kendall Private
James B. Kidder Private
Hiram S. Killam Private
Samuel H. Kimball Private
Frederick Lang Private
Alfred Lawrence Private
John Lee Private
Alfred Lorice Private
George M. Lufkin Private
George W. Lufkin Private
Patrick Mack Private
William Magoon Private
Barnard McNelis Private
George W. Merrick Private
James Minnix Private
Irwin T. Moone Private
Irwin J. Moore Private
John A. Morce Private
Ewin J. More Private
John A. Morse Private
John E. Morse Private
Henry M. Moulton Private
John R. Moulton Private
John H. Munn Private
John Murphy Private
Neil Nelson Private
Henry E. Newton Private
John P. Y. Nichols Private
Neil Nilson Private
John Normanda Private
John Normande Private
John Normandie Private
John Normandin Private
Willard N. Osmer Private
Willard M. Osmon Private
Willard M. Osmore Private
Lemuel Palmer Private
Edwin M. Pinckam Private
Edwin M. Pinkam Private
Edwin M. Pinkham Private
Edwin N. Pinkim Private
Ephraim Plumpton Private
William W. Putney Private
George Ray Private
Arom M. Reiley Private
Elmer F. Rice Private
Aram M. Riley Private
David B. Robbinson Private
John Roberts Private
Davis B. Robertson Private
Davis B. Robinson Private
Francis Rogan Private
John Russell Private
Leavitt Safford
Otis Safford Private
Lucius P. Scott Private
Charles G. Sherer Private
George E. Sherer Private
Charles G. Sherrer Private
George E. Shorey Private
Hiram Small Private
Darwin A. Smith Private
Edwin H. Smith Private
John Smith Private
David Stevenson Private
Matthew Sulivan Private
Mathew Sullivan Private
George W. Tailor Private
George W. Taylor Private
Stephen R. Tebbitts Private
Morris Tehen Private
Stephen R. Tibbeths Private
Stephen R. Tibbetts Private
Stephen R. Tibbits Private
Stephen R. Tibbitts Private
Edwin N. Tinkham Private
Enos P. Trussell Private
Wilber F. Warren Private
John L. Webester
Sargent A. Webester
John L. Webster Private
Sargent A. Webster Private
Pierce L. Wiggin Captain
Pierce L. Wiggins
Philbrook M. Worcester Private
Philbrook M. Worster
Francis L. Porter Private
Edward A. Robbins Private
Edward A. Robins Private
George M. Harris Private
Eugene P. Nash Private
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Harvey N. Bailey Private
David M. Ballou Private
Thomas Barnes Private
Thomas Barns Private
Augustus Bewester Private
William F. Blake Private
Ephriam S. Blodgett Private
James Brant Private
Stephen Brock Jr. Private
Francis Brown Private
George Brown Private
William F. Bruce Private
Charles Burk Private
Charles Burke Private
John Cabner Private
Charles Calahan Private
Charles Callahan Private
George F. Cannon Private
Hugh Carney Private
Ralph B. Carr Private
John C. Caryle Private
Sylvester Chapman Private
John H. Chase Private
John Childs Private
William Church Private
Daniels Clancey Private
Daniel Clancy Private
Andrew J. Clark Private
Cyrus Clemings Private
Charles H. Clemment Private
Cyrus Clemmings Private
Mahlon B. Clough Private
Henry Cole Private
Harlen Conner Private
Harlow Conner Private
Michael Conners Private
Harlan Connor Private
Harlow Connor Private
Lewis Connor Private
Michael Connors Private
Lewis Conor Private
John Cooper Private
William Cragin Private
William Craigne Private
James Dailey Private
William H. Davis Private
John Decker Private
John Demont Private
John Dimont Private
John Domott Private
Thomas Donnelly Private
Asa C. Dort Private
James R. Douglas Private
Peter Doyle Private
John Driscoll Private
Patrick Duffey Private
Patrick Duffie Private
Henry Dunbar Private
Thomas Dunlap Private
Stillman Dunn Private
James Eastman Private
Aaron G. Estabrook Private
Aaron G. Estabrook Private
Aren G. Estabrooks Private
Robert B. Ferris Private
James Fitz Patrick Private
Daniel Foley Private
Charles Franklin Private
Asa P. French Private
John Gilbert Private
Otis W. Gilman Private
Thomas Haight Private
John F. Hamlett Private
Thomas Hanncey Private
Thomas Hanncy Private
David A. Haskins Private
Hendrick Hlawatie Private
Hendrick Holanatsen
Hendrick Holowatsen
Henry Howard Private
John Howard Private
Wm. Howard Private
Orlando Hoyt Private
Clarke Jones Private
James M. Jones Private
Thomas Jones Private
Charles W. Kimbal Private
Charles M. Kimball Private
John Knight Private
Lucian E. Knowles Private
Peter Lacasse Private
Akin Landabush Private
Akin Landerbush Private
George W. Lane Private
George H. Lang Private
George P. Lawrence Private
Edward Lockwood Private
Abel H. Lovett Private
Joseph Martin Private
William Martin Private
William McCaire Private
John McCarthy Private
Matthew McCarthy Private
John McCarty Private
William McCire Private
John McCoy Private
William McCuire Private
James McGuire Private
Warren H. Merrill Private
Thomas Molley Private
Thomas Molly Private
Charles W. Mooney Private
Joseph A. Moore Private
James Moran Private
John Morse Private
John Murphy Private
Robert Murray Private
Robert Murry Private
George Neal Private
Phillip Olwell Private
George Perry Private
George Perry Private
Huntoon Petersen Private
Huntoon Peterson Private
Benjamin F. Philbrick Private
Charles Reed Private
Charles Reil Private
James Riley Private
George Roberts Private
Daniel W. Robinson Private
James Rogers Private
Charles E. Russell Private
James Rutherford Private
John Ryan Private
George Sailor Private
Thomas Snow Private
John Somers Private
George Stark Private
George Starks Private
Charles Stephens Private
Charles Stevens Private
William Stewart Private
Rufus B. Straw Private
William Stuart Private
James Sullivan Private
John Summers Private
James Taylor Private
James Thomas Private
Charles E. Thompson Private
Michael Tulley Private
Michael Tully Private
Joshua S. Vose Private
Elbridge E. Webster Private
John Wheeler Private
Ira Willey Private
Ira Willis
Isaac T. Willis Private
Robert Wilson Private
James Wright Private
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Charles Abbott Private
James Andrews Private
William F. Archer Private
John Avery Private
Alden Barker Private
Edward Barker Private
Owen Barker Private
George Barnes Private
Edward Barton Private
George Bauer Private
Leonard W. Bean Private
Joseph Benway Private
John Blair Private
Austin Blood Private
George Bower Private
George Bowers Private
James Brenan Private
James Brenman Private
James Brennan Private
Thomas Brownell Private
Patrick Burk Private
Charles Burnett Private
George Burns Private
Bill C. Butterfield Private
George W. Calef Private
Edward Casey Private
John Clarke Private
Charles Clifford Private
Henry Coleman Private
Philip Colins Private
Lewis D. Collins Private
Philip Collins Private
Richard Collins Private
John Conners Private
Francisco Cosa Private
John Croman Private
John Cronan Private
John Cronin Private
Jeremiah B. Davis Private
Charles Devine Private
David Doran Private
Edwin Dow Private
Charles Dubois Private
Charles Dubouis Private
John Dudley Private
Peter Dunn Private
James Durgan Private
James Durgin Private
Henry Eastman Private
John Fay Private
Thomas Felin Private
Thomas Foster Private
John Fowler Private
Thomas Gardner Private
Matthew Gleason Private
Nathan Gleason Private
Charles H. Gordon Private
Frederick Halleck Private
Frederick Hallock Private
James Harris Private
John Hart Private
Thomas Henderson Private
John Holmes Private
James W. Horne Private
George H. Hoyt Private
Albert A. Huff Private
Thomas Jones Private
Charles Joun Private
Charles Juan Private
John Kelley Private
Charles E. Lathe Private
George Lee Private
James Long Private
John Mackey Private
Bird C. Maloff Private
James Marley Private
John H. Mathes Private
John McGrath Private
Barnard McNeillis Private
Barnard McNellis Private
Francis McQuinn Private
Charles H. Merrill Private
William Moore Private
John Murray Private
John O'Brien Private
John O'Brine Private
Charles O'Donnell Private
Orrin P. Osgood Private
Joseph Owen Private
Joseph Owens Private
Eli W. Pinkham Private
John S. Preston Private
James Quinn Private
Benjamin F. Rackley Captain
John Ragan Private
John Ragin Private
Patrick Ray Private
Patrick Ray Private
Charles M. Reynolds Private
James Riley Private
Thomas Riley Private
Charles Rivers Private
Andrew J. Roberts Private
John Ryan Private
Joseph Sawyer Private
John Schmidt Private
Horatio Smith Private
Jonathan Smith Private
William Snoden Private
William Snowden Private
Charles Stevens Private
James Tebbetts Private
James TebbittsPrivate
Willard P. Thompsonage 31, cred and res Goffstown, enl 8/1/64, must in 8/1/64 as Priv, appointed Saddler, must out 7/15/65, last address Nashua; See Co E 2nd NH
James TibbettsPrivate
James TibbittsPrivate
George W. TownsPrivate
Charles B. WarnerPrivate
Wm. E. WelchPrivate
Wm. T. Welch
Charles WestPrivate
Daniel M. WhitePrivate
Henry WhitePrivate
Jackson WickerPrivate
Wm. Wicker Private
Charles E. Wiggin Private
Stephen M. Willey Private
Charles Wivers
Peter Young Private
Edwin A. Barnes Private
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Oliver Adams Private
William H. Adams Private
George Ames Private
Willis L. Ames Private
William Armstrong Private
John Bannon Private
James Bennett Private
James Bennitt Private
Sylvester Boutwell Private
John Brown Private
Nathaniel H. Brown Captain
Joseph Bunes Private
Joseph Burns Private
Henry T. Buss Private
John A. Buzzell Private
John A. Buzzle Private
John C. Carkin Private
David Carr Private
James Carroll Private
Nathan C. Carter Private
William Casey Private
Perry H. Cheney Private
Warren E. Clark Private
William H. Clay Private
John C. Colburn Private
John E. Collins Private
John Conley Private
John Conly Private
James Consadine Private
John Considine Private
James Considins Private
James Cook Private
James Crawford Private
Thomas E. Cressey Private
Thomas C. Cressy Private
Nelson H. Crouch Private
Nelson S. Crouch Private
Thomas Cullen Private
Charles G. Davis Private
George P. Davis Private
James Davis Private
James P. Davis Private
Walter W. Dewey Private
John Dodge Private
Bernard Dolan Private
John Dolan Private
George Dooley Private
John Duane Private
Patrick Duffey Private
Patrick Duffie Private
Patrick Duffy Private
George Duley Private
Edward Eastman Private
Clinton A. Edgerley Private
Clinton H. Edgerley Private
Clinton H. Egerly Private
George W. Ellis Private
James Evans Private
James Farrel Private
James Farrill Private
Thomas Fisher Private
James Fitzgerald Private
John Fleming Private
Henry A. Flint Private
John Foley Private
James Ford Private
Joseph Gibson Private
Joseph Gipson Private
James Hall Private
John Hartlove Private
Wm. D. Haslaham Private
John Haug Private
Wm. Henry Private
Wm. D. Hesleham
Ora Holman Private
Wm. H. Holman Private
Wm. D. Hoslehan
Edward Houdan
Isaac Houston Private
Edward Howden Private
Ferdinand K. Hunt Private
Fredrick K. Hunt
Albert A. Hutchinson Private
George Ireland Private
John Jessop Private
John Jessup Private
Jacob Johnson Private
Charles Kent Private
Charles W. Keyes Private
John King Private
William King Private
David B. Ladd Private
George Lake Private
Michael Larey Private
Michael Lary Private
George Leaghton Private
Michael Leary Private
George Leighton Private
William Lindsey Private
John H. Low Private
John H. Lowe Private
John Lynch Private
James Markham Private
Wm. D. Marlahan
John Martin Private
Samuel Martin Private
John Mason Private
Timothy McCarthy Private
Timothy McCarty Private
Robert McDonald Private
James D. Merrill Private
Orrin Meserve Private
Charles Mills Private
Thomas Moore Private
John Moran Private
Edward Morgan Private
James D. Morrill Private
John Morris Private
John Mulligan Private
James Murphy Private
John Murphy Private
Joseph P. Neal Private
John Norris Private
John O'Day Private
Richard J. Palmer Private
Richard T. Palmer Private
George Putney Private
Thomas Riley Private
William Riley Private
James H. Robinson Private
John Scott Private
Richard Shannon Private
Daniel Shattuck Private
Thomas Sheridan Private
Peter W. Simpson Private
Aram B. Smith Private
George H. Smith Second Lieutenant
John Smith Private
John W. Smith Private
Max Soleway Private
Max Solway Private
Thomas Stewart Private
Joseph Stoomes Private
Joseph Stormes Private
Joseph Storms Private
Richard Sweeney Private
George Thompson Private
John Turner Private
Charles H. Tuttle Private
Edward Walker Private
George Wallace Private
Olin N. WardwellPrivate
Oliver N. Wardwell Private
William Weston Private
Alonzo W. Wheeler Private
Charles White Private
George WilliamsPrivate
George Willmington
George C. Willson
James Willson
George Wilmington Private
George Wilson Private
James WilsonPrivate
Franklin WoodPrivate
John BradfordPrivate
Charles F. ElliottPrivate
George Edwards Private
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Henry H. Aldrich Private
Albert H. Alexander Private
George Allen Private
James Allen Private
Henry T. Andrews Private
John Barnes Private
Joseph Barnett Private
Edwin H. Bean Private
James M. Bean Private
Hiram Beck Private
Charles H. Berry Private
Charles J. Berry Private
William Bodley Private
William Bradly Private
William H. Bragg Private
Charles A. Brown Private
Edward F. Brown Private
George W. Brown Private
Robinson Brown Private
Francis Burk Private
Frank Burke Private
John Burne Private
Joseph Burnett Private
John Burns Private
Thomas Butler Private
Charles Carroll Private
Thomas Carson Private
Richard H. Cawley Private
William Chancy Private
William Chaneey Private
Eugene T. Chase Private
William Chauncy Private
John Clancey Private
John Clancy Private
John H. Clinton Private
Charles W. Colby Private
Francis Cole Private
Frank Cole Private
Thomas Collins Private
Oscar J. Converse Second Lieutenant
William Cook Private
George H. Couse Private
John M. Craney Private
John M. Crany Private
Charles Crawford Private
David Cronan Private
David Cronin Private
John Cullen Private
George W. Cummings Private
Thomas Curron Private
George M. Curtis Private
John Dailey Private
John Dempsey Private
John Dinger Private
George Dowling Private
John Doyle Private
John Doyle Private
James Drew Private
John Dunn Private
Simon W. Elliott Private
Ransom C. Farr Private
John Farrell Private
Henry Farthey Private
Edward Finnagan Private
Edward Finnegan Private
Edward Finnigan Private
Charles Fitzsimmons Private
Charles C. Flander Private
Charles C. Flanders Private
Henry Flarthey Private
Henry Flathey Private
Henry Florthey Private
Thomas Foard Private
Thomas Ford Private
John Frye Private
John Gillorley Private
George E. Gilman First Lieutenant
John M. Gilman Private
James Gilmore Private
John Gilooly Private
Daniel Gilson Private
Richard Glover Private
Richard Glovier Private
George Goodwin Private
Cornelius Grace Private
Robert Hamilton Private
Syloanus Harriman Private
Edward Haskin
Edward Haskins Private
Wm. Hogan Private
Joel Q. Holt Private
Charles Holton Private
John Howe Private
Thomas Hughes Private
Thomas Hughs
Samuel Johnson Private
John Kelley Private
Thomas Kelley Private
Wyatt W. Kelley Private
John Kelly Private
Wyatt W. Kelly Private
Byron E. Kempton Private
Thomas Kenedy Private
Thomas Kennedy Private
John H. Kimball Private
James Langworth Private
Thomas May Private
Thomas McCabe Private
Daniel Miller Private
Henry Miller Private
Charles A. Milliken Private
Frank Morrill Private
John Murray Private
John Murry Private
Don Negretti Private
John O'Brien Private
Patrick O'Brien Private
Henry Pearson Private
Henry Pearsons Private
Hiram Peck Private
Peter Philips Private
Peter Phillips Private
John Ponns Private
John Porter Private
Jerry Potter Private
John Powers Private
John Powns Private
Warren K. Richardson Private
Benjamin A. Ricker Private
Edward J. Robie Private
Seth J. Rollins Private
Edward Ryan Private
George R. Sawyer Private
Frederick Schwartz Private
John Scott Private
Norman H. Slade Private
Joseph Sleven Private
Joseph Slevens Private
Joseph Slevin Private
Joseph Slevins Private
Andrew Smith Private
Obadiah B. Smith Private
Obadiah G. Smith Private
Thomas Smith Private
John Smith 1 Private
John Smith 2 Private
Lester Spalding Private
Lester Spaulding Private
George Stanley Private
George Stanly Private
George W. Stark Private
George W. Stork Private
Charles Sutton Private
John Swift Private
Daniel W. ThompsonPrivate, enlisted on August 16, 1864 for one year, but died April 8, 1865 of a disease in Washington D C. He was 18 years old. He's buried in a cemetary in Goshen located at the Goshen four corners near the Gunnison Dam; Source: Reggie Shepard
Thomas Turner Private
George B. Tuttle Private
Charles Upton Private
Albert Walch Private
John Wallace Private
Albert Walsh Private
Wm. Watson Private
John Welch Private
John H. Welch Private
Wm. Wellington Private
John Welsh
John H. Welsh
Caleb F. Whidden Private
Charles H. White Private
George Williams Private
John Williams Private
John Williams Private
George Willson
George Wilson Private
Charles Windham
Carl Windheim Private
Frank Wittington
James Young Private
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