A Special Thanks

To the following locations I owe a great deal of thanks.  Without the information from these areas, this web site would not be able to honor all of those who fought during the American Civil War for the state of New Hampshire.
The Bedford Public Library: Bedford, New Hampshire
The Concord Public Library: Concord, New Hampshire
The New Hampshire Historical Society and Library: Concord, New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Civil War History and Genealogy Project -See Below
The American Civil War Genealogy Database -See Below

Thacher from Juniper Books who helped with getting me copies of Aylings and the Adjuntant's Report. I highly recomend the service that I have received form this site! An excellant site for rare books, originals and copies.

Alex Marte of California for his generous contribution of over 20+ pictures of fighting men of NH.


The information found with-in the website, including regimental stats, mustering dates, engagement casualties, and miscellaneuos facts were taken from the following book unless otherwise noted.
Ayling, Augustus D. Revised Register of the Soldiers and Sailors of New Hampshire in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1866. Concord: Ira C. Evans, Public Printer. 1895.
The information found on the individual regimental pages, including regimental service and organization, has been found at www.civilwararchive.com/unionnh.htm
Dates found from this web site are different from the main source which this web site was made from. Visitors to the site must take note. The information from this site was taken from:
Dyer, Frederick H. A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion.(Part 3)
The Regimetal Rosters and information on various men was obtained through The New Hampshire Civil War History and Genealogy Project. This site contains cited sources and is highly recommended to those seeking more information.
The alphabetical New Hampshire Civil War Genealogy was obtained through the American Civil War Genealogy Database. This site is an excellent source for those people wishing to do a detailed search on units, men, towns, etc. for New Hampshire or other States that served in the War.
The various photos with-in regimental unit pages have been taken from the respective units which are on the web and are linked in the civil war links page.  Other photos have been found at random points during my traveling of other sites.  When available, notation of reference will be made.
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