Grafton County

*All information found on this page was brought to my attention by Reggie Shepard. The information is from excerpts of The History of Bristol. Thanks for your hard work Reggie!
Town History:
1860 Census: Population 1124 people .34% of NH

Enlistment History:
Total Men Enlisted: 122 = 10.8% of town
with reenlistment 129 men
KIA or of Wounds:12Wounded:21
$41,957.95 in total bounties and incidental expenses

-The first to enlist were Horace L Ingallls, Webster Heath, Frank Darling, Charles H Horne, and Moses Eastman
-The 12th NH had the most Bristol citizeens - 40
-Chancellorsville dealt the biggest bloww to the town with 5 KIA and 10 wounded
-Bristol native Luther C Ladd was the 1st casualty of the War. Born on December 22, 1843 Luther was a member of the 6th MA Infantry. On April 19, 1861, the regiment was moving through Baltimore and was attacked by a mob. Luther was the first to fall dead and was one of three that were killed.

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