Sullivan County

*All information found on this page was brought to my attention by Reggie Shepard. The information is from excerpts of Claremont War History. Thanks for your hard work Reggie!
Town History:
Granted 1761; Incorporated as a City 1947
1860 Census: Population 1520 people .46% of NH

Enlistment History:
Total Men Enlisted: 303 = 19.9% of town
with reenlistment, drafts, subs, and army: 449 men
Died of Wounds:14Died of Disease:20
Monthly Pay:$11
$26,219.61 paid to families
173 families received aid

-85 men served until the end of the War<
-40 or more ladies met daily at Fraterniity Hall to make shirts, drawers and socks
-William P Austin was the recruiter for the town and the vecinity. He was able to recruit 85 men for the 1st NH. The 1st NH was full as the men entered Camp Union in Concord. At that point, 43 men re-enlisted under the next call for the 2nd NH. 3 men were discharged before the 2nd was put together and the remaining men were discharged or sent to Ft. Portsmouth
* Of those who died, 13 died from illness

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